National Leadclimbing Champs

About 20 Flying Geckos athletes headed to Auckland for the 2022 La Sportiva National Leadclimbing Championships, and came ooooh so close to defending the Teams Cup from BOPSCA (if only we’d sent a team to the Speedclimbing Champs…).

Congratulations to all the athletes for giving it their best, to Robert for celebrating his birthday with us, to Nicola for organising the catering, to Rob for organising the parking, and to Conor, Al, Andrew, Angela, James, Katie & Ngāwai for support & encouragement!

Also a special thanks to Evie for supporting all the young athletes, for being such a great comp belayer (IFSC judge Nelson even wants copies of the event photos of Evie belaying because it demonstrates such good technique!), and a deserved congratulations on taking out silver in what was her final youth competition.

Cirrus TanOpen Female1st
Nicky DachsOpen Female6th
Kayla MuirsonOpen Female7th
Jake TownshendOpen Male2nd
Scott FergusonOpen Male7th
Daniel DachsOpen Male10th
George DarnbroughOpen Male15th
Evie BoydJunior Female2nd
Daniel DachsJunior Male4th
Emily LaneMasters Female1st
Kayla MuirsonYouth A Female6th
Willow CookYouth A Female8th
Ngaire NorthYouth A Female11th
George DarnbroughYouth A Male9th
Laura TownshendYouth B Female2nd
Hanna NorthYouth B Female10th
Spencer MenziesYouth B Male2nd
Oliver ChinnYouth B Male7th
Robert RiderYouth B Male11th
Xanthe SaundersYouth C Female2nd
Katie ChinnYouth C Female3rd
Manaia JohnstonYouth C Female7th
Alex MitchellYouth C Male2nd
Cooper GibsonYouth C Male3rd
Alex EvansYouth C Male9th
Anna EvansYouth D Female1st
Charlotte ChinnYouth D Female4th

Full set of photos from Conor Boyd Photography available in a gallery here, or on Facebook or Instagram.
(Apologies for the lack of podium photos for the Saturday categories – check the CNZ feeds for photos from the official photographer)

Please note: images here are available for personal use (eg social media postings with credit to @conorboydphoto).