Geckos Club Members can participate in many events, activities, and competitions throughout the year.

All events are also on our calendar.

Outdoor Events

Castle Hill Boulder Day

Usually the first weekend in December. This is our end-of-year breakup and is for all members and their families.

Banks Peninsula Camp

This camp is held in early/mid-March annually for green/blue squad members to experience and develop outdoors, usually based around an overnight camp at Okains Bay Campground.

Summer Climbing camp

A week-long camp is held in late January for purple and red squad members. This camp aims to expand the geckos’ comfort zones and uses the advanced skills that members learn during Friday sessions.

Blue Mountains Climbing Trip

Every couple of years we try to organise a blue mountain climbing trip for club members who attend the Monday outdoor sessions this trip helps teach the members the basic logistics of travel and allows them to experience some fabulous climbing. This trip is dependent on volunteer support and the enthusiastic interest of members.

The last Blue Mountains climbing trip was held in 2017.


Club Competitions

Club comps are small informal events held at the weekend throughout the year. Each event has many factors they are an opportunity to experience a competition for beginners, practice your competition routine for travelling team members, and learn the basics of route setting and judging for older club members with those interests.

We are hoping to make a mini-series of club comps this year.

Other Christchurch Competitions

The Flying Geckos regularly hosted the  “South Island Festival of Climbing”  each year however due to logistical issues we have not hosted this event since 2018. We hope to bring this event back at some point soon.

The annual South Island Secondary Schools Comp is usually held at the YMCA Adventure Centre in early September and is always lots of fun.

Climbing New Zealand Competitions

Climbing New Zealand is the national sporting organisation for sport climbing in New Zealand.

The competition seasons for cnz are: overall season (August – March yearly)

  • Bouldering (late winter – spring),
  • lead (late summer-autumn),
  • speed sometime late summer

All club members who meet the basic selection criteria can compete at a CNZ event when hosted in Christchurch. However, must be selected for the travelling team to attend events which are in other parts of the country.

Competition categories are based on age.

National Indoor Bouldering Series(NIBS)

NIBS is hosted by the New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC) this is an awesome series of events that geckos tend to do well in. We encourage all members to give the Christchurch event a go, as it is appropriate for all levels of climber.


The Aims Games is a great opportunity for club members who attend an affiliated intermediate school to represent their school in climbing. Many of these intermediates require you to actively pursue your interest in attending AIMS with them, As climbing is not on their usual docket. This is best done in term 1 and early term 2.