Geckos Code of Conduct


Turn up on time, follow instructions and manage self.
Be positive and supportive of self and others.
Respect others, coaches, members of public, YMCA staff.
Always do your best, set a good example and go for it.

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Look after gear, return it, keep it tidy and report any damage.
Do your part to maintain and support climbing by giving back.

At home at the Gym… Adventure Centre

No alcohol, smoking or illicit substances in or around gym.
Keep food and drink away from climbing areas.
Keep safe, by tying back hair, and removing dangly earrings.

Away from the Gym, comps etc.

All of the above…
Wear uniform as outlined for specific comp or activity.
Respect and follow all instructions etc from person(s) responsible for you and the group, and Team Trip protocol.

Failure to follow the above code of conduct will have the following consequences:

    1. If your behaviour is deemed to put the safety of climbers at immediate risk, you will be asked to leave the gym and your caregiver will be notified.
    2. If this happens twice within a term, your scholarship/membership may be revoked and the Adventure Centre may deny you entry to the gym.
    3. If you are given 2 warnings for breach of behaviour in one session, the third time you will be asked to leave the gym and your caregiver will be notified.
    4. If this happens twice within a term, you will be asked to leave under the above conditions, however you may be asked to permanently leave the club if breach of conduct is serious, at the discretion of the Geckos committee.
    5. Prior to being reinstated you will have to present your case to the Geckos Committee, to convince the committee that in the future you will be a trustworthy member of the Geckos.
    6. When at competition, any serious breach of the conduct will mean that the consequences could include but are not limited to being sent home, and excluded for the next two competitions.

A serious breach can include but is not limited to, leaving the facility without permission, being disrespectful to parents or other competitors, gym/comp staff, cheating etc.