National Champs results

A large team of Flying Geckos flew the flag in Rotorua last weekend, and produced some excellent results.

Here are the details and some photos of the team in action too.  More photos can be found here: bouldering and climbing

Bouldering Results

Josh Cornah National Champion Youth B
Judith Jewell National Champion Youth B
Barrie Forrest National Champion Masters
Mayumi Horiguchi 2nd Masters
Victoria Alexander 3rd Open Female
Cirrus Tan 4th Open Female
Drew Forrest 4th Youth A
Kim Forde 5th Youth B
Shania Gibson 6th Youth A
Ruby Friend 7th Youth A
Stephan Brucher 10th Open Male

Climbing Results

Josh Cornah National Champion Youth B
Ruby Friend 2nd Youth A
Shania Gibson 3rd Youth A
Judith Jewell 3rd Youth B
Kim Forde 7th Youth B
Drew Forrest 5th Youth A
Stephan Brucher 2nd Open Male
Cirrus Tan 2nd open Female
Victoria Alexander 3rd open Female
Mayumi Horiguchi 2nd Masters