2016 National Lead Climbing Competition

cbp-2016-09-nationalleadchamps-607The Flying Geckos hosted the 2016 National Lead Championships at the YMCA Climbing Centre, with over 120 competitors from all over NZ.

Congratulations to all the winning competitors and indeed all the entrants and attendees who really made the weekend come alive.

c3388c5a0ddfe1ad7071003c1528a37aThe route-setting from the Climbing NZ team was awesome, proving challenging for all the divisions.

We owe a huge thanks to all our sponsors, particularly The Southern Trust, along with the YMCA Adventure CentreBivouac Outdoor, Black Diamond, Cactus Outdoor, Chalky Digits, Christchurch City Council, Earth Sea Sky and Uprising Gym.

Big thanks to the Geckos committee members (particularly Marty Anderson) and parents for helping make the event run so smoothly.


Male Open

  1. Sefton Priestley
  2. Daniel Krippner
  3. Jarrod Alexander

Female Open

  1. Sarah Hay
  2. Sian Moffitt
  3. Ruby Friend


  1. Dave Mulhearn
  2. Eric Duggan
  3. Albert Carino

Male Junior

  1. Jarrod Alexander
  2. George Sanders
  3. Leo Luthje

Female Junior

  1. Sian Moffitt
  2. Shania Gibson
  3. Maria Martinus

Male Youth A

  1. Patrick Soulier
  2. Tom Waldin
  3. Cameron Butterworth

Female Youth A

  1. Judith Jewell
  2. Marina Hayashi
  3. Ruby Friend

Male Youth B

  1. Philipp Goethert
  2. Lucas Dowell
  3. Cam Pawson

Female Youth B

  1. Kim Forde
  2. Zeta Hittmann
  3. Holly Gardner

Male Youth C

  1. Luke Gardner
  2. Henry Booker
  3. Kade Allen

Female Youth C

  1. Mia Crawshay
  2. Alia Robinson
  3. Isabelle Camplin

Male Youth D

  1. Nat Warburton
  2. Oskar Wolff
  3. Mac Duggan

Female Youth D

  1. Isabella Shanks
  2. Monique Gray
  3. Bella Domaneschi

A selection of photos from the event is below. The full set is currently on Conor Boyd Photography’s website here or on Facebook here. Please contact him for more details on any photos.