Round 1, 2017 National Cup Series

The Flying Geckos headed up to Hamilton’s Extreme Edge climbing gym with for Round 1 of the Climbing NZ National Cup Series 2017.

We had about 20 athletes from Youth D through to Juniors and came away with some great performances all round, including a few podium places.

Climber Category Result
Ayla Mahabeer Female Open Bouldering 2nd
Tess Steel Female Junior Bouldering 3rd
Judith Jewell Female Youth A Bouldering 1st
Kim Forde Female Youth A Bouldering 4th
Nicky Dachs Female Youth A Bouldering 7th
Katie Morison Female Youth B Bouldering 6th
Evie Boyd Female Youth B Bouldering 8th
Josh Cornah Male Youth A Bouldering 1st
Joe Dravitzki Male Youth A Bouldering 3rd
Alex Dowell Male Youth A Bouldering 4th
Liam Murray Male Youth A Bouldering 8th
Lucas Dowell Male Youth B Bouldering 2nd
Daniel Dachs Male Youth B Bouldering 8th
Ayla Mahabeer Female Open Lead 4th
Tess Steel Female Junior Lead 4th
Judith Jewell Female Youth A Lead 2nd
Kim Forde Female Youth A Lead 3rd
Nicky Dachs Female Youth A Lead 7th
Katie Morison Female Youth B Lead 5th
Evie Boyd Female Youth B Lead 7th
Willow Cook Female Youth C Lead 7th
Josh Cornah Male Youth A Lead 1st
Liam Murray Male Youth A Lead 4th
Joe Dravitzki Male Youth A Lead 5th
Alex Dowell Male Youth A Lead 6th
Lucas Dowell Male Youth B Lead 3rd
Daniel Dachs Male Youth B Lead 9th
Enzo Murray Male Youth C Lead 3rd
Alex Horn Male Youth C Lead 12th
Joran Le Quellec Male Youth C Lead 13th
George Darnbrough Male Youth D Toprope 2nd

Full results are here.

Photos below of our athletes in action, with the full set of photos on Conor’s website here.