SI Festival of Climbing – Results

Thanks from Chairman Ken: “Congratulations to the Flying Geckos for running and participating in one of the best climbing competitions we’ve had in recent years. Over 70 climbers from Christchurch, Wanaka and the North Island participated, many of them from outside the club. With bouldering, speed, lead and top rope climbing happening together it was a very busy and active event with lots of climbing opportunities for all ages.
There were very many helpers. Our older climbers set most of the climbs, with Zuri and his team from the YMCA setting the roof for us. Thanks to Rowan for coordinating the very many routes and for making instant decisions to change some when they didn’t suit the climbers well. I’m grateful to the many parents and Geckos who helped with timing, judging, belaying, and feeding. Big thanks to past and current YMCA staff who supported our aims and provided practical help, to Marty who did lots of running around, marketing/design, printing, finding prizes and promotion, and to Conor for website work, photography, ideas and more.”

Thanks to event sponsors Bivouac Outdoor, Aspiring, Uprising Gym, NZAC, and of course the YMCA Adventure Centre.

A further selection of photos from the event are below the results, and Conor’s full collection of photos can be found here. Feel free to contact him if you’re looking for larger copies or use elsewhere, etc.

Overall Results

The overall results below are for competitors who competed in all disciplines.  The full results are in this spreadsheet.

Name Class Final Placing
Emily Lane Masters Female 1
Carolyn Grise Masters Female 2
Andrew Powell Masters Male 1
Lee Burbery Masters Male 2
Cirrus Tan Open Female 1
Jamie Fairless Open Female 2
Jennifer Wong Open Female 3
Tom Waldin Open Male 1
Scott Ferguson Open Male 2
Tridon Lewis Open Male 3
Kim Forde Youth A Female 1
Jessa Bennett Youth A Female 2
Nicky Dachs Youth A Female 3
Caleb Bryant Youth A Male 1
Oscar Anderson Youth A Male 2
Isaac Muller-Wild Youth A Male 3
Liadan Dickie Youth B Female 1
Eliza Anderson Youth B Female 2
Joshua Bryant Youth B Male 1
Dan Dachs Youth B Male 2=
Enzo Murray Youth B Male 2=
Willow Cook Youth C Female 1
Ngaire North Youth C Female 2
Anna Dabkowski Youth C Female 3
Sue Petrie Youth C Female 4
George Darnbrough Youth C Male 1
Ryan Dachs Youth C Male 2
Joran Le Quellec Youth C Male 3
Tama H-J Youth D 1
Jeremiah Moses Youth D 2
Isla Cook Youth D 3
Oliver Chinn Youth D 4
Katie Chinn Youth E 1
Paige Lewis Youth E 2
Samuel Cook Youth E 3