Orange Squad

The Second Squad in the Flying Geckos Climbing Club.


Grade Awards

An optional award program that acknowledges Grade competency.

To get a Grade Award:

  • Tell your goal leader what grade you want to go for
  • Climb 3 climbs of that grade
    • or higher
    • without falling off or resting on the rope
    • 2 different wall areas (Arena, Natural wall, or Alleyway)
    • 2 different route setters
    • Within a session
  • Your goal leader will give you a grading form with the climbs you did, if you completed them and a comment on your climbing
  • If you get the grade they will write the number on the roll.
  • Your certificate will be given to you within the term.

Colour Awards

An alternative award system to the grade award for the Avid Boulderer.

To Get a Colour Award:

  • Tell the goal leader what colour award you want to go for
  • Climb 5 boulder problems of a certain colour
    • within 2 attempts
    • Within a session
  • A goal leader or boulder cave supervisor will watch your attempts, and mark down on a colour form.
  • Your colour form will record your attempts and may have technical commentary written on it.
  • If you achieve the colour certificate your goal leader will record it.
  • Your certificate will be given to you within the term.

How Orange Squad works

In Orange Squad personal goals and preferences are catered to.

Instead of a static programme like the one provided in Yellow Squad, Orange Squad follows a more dynamic and diverse schedule.

Moving to Green

Twice a year orange squad coaches/leaders/and even supervisors will work with the head instructor to determine who moves up into green squad.

Factors in Eligibility:

  • Age
    • Green Squad requires members to be at least 12 years old.
  • Attendance
    • As the Green Squad systematically teaches safety skills, those who attend regularly are favoured.
  • Maturity
    • Attention span while belaying.
    • Following safety guidelines around the gym.
    • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Confidence
    • As lead climbing can be daunting we choose kids who are confident on toprope.
  • Enthusiasm
    • Spend freetime climbing and/or bouldering.
  • Willingness to learn to lead
    • We talk to all Orange Geckos before we move them up; occasionally there is someone who we think is ready but they do not want to move up yet, in these cases we will not move them up but work with them to help them feel ready to move up for the next round.

A Geckos climbing grade is not a criteria to learn to lead, however being confident on low grade climbs is beneficial.