Yellow Squad

The First Squad in the Flying Geckos Climbing Club.


Every Yellow Gecko will have a certificate completion Schedule in their coaches’ folder. This form tracks their progress towards individual awards and is used as an assessment form for the knowledge certificates.

Cert comp schedule pic

Knowledge Certificates

There are 2 knowledge Certificates, Knowledge A and Knowledge B.

Each taking about 20 weeks to complete.

To gain a knowledge certificate the climber has to attend at least 15 yellow squad sessions covering that certificate and demonstrate the use and/or understanding of skills/knowledge.

The certificates cover:

  • safety skills
  • climbing gym manners
  • knots and rope care
  • basic technique knowledge
  • basic route reading
  • goal setting
  • overview outdoor climbing (done indoors)
  • overview competitive climbing
  • current people in climbing

Grade Awards

An optional Award program that acknowledges Grade competency.

To get a grade award:

  • Tell your coach what grade you want to go for
  • Climb 3 climbs of that grade
    • or higher
    • without falling off or resting on the rope
    • 2 different wall areas (Arena, Natural wall, or Alleyway)
    • 2 different route setters
    • Within a session
  • Your coach will give you a grading form with the climbs you did, if you completed them and a comment on your climbing
  • If you get the grade they will circle and initial the grade on your completion schedule.
  • Your certificate will come within the term.

Committed Climber Award

This award resets each term.

It acknowledges hard work and attendance.

  • minimum 4 climbs every session
  • minimum 80% attendance


There are 2 methods to move up to orange squad:

Knowledge Certificate Completion

On completion of both knowledge Certificates a Gecko will automatically move into orange squad.

This will take about 4 terms for people who regularly attend sessions.

  • Knowledge Certificate A
  • Knowledge Certificate B

Award Fast Track

The Award fast Track moves Geckos up if they achieve the following

  • A grade Award of 19 or higher
  • A Committed Climber Award